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Well then…

This is pretty much it. Originally we planned to shut down completely, but I thought that it wouldn’t be very fair in the end. That’s why the site has been converted into archive mode, and it will remain like this for the time being. Natsuno will still keep an eye on things and we hope that even though we won’t be releasing more stuff, the readers will follow our rules. Ne? If you have any concerns or questions, please leave a comment here or use the contact form, or send email to ninjafrogclan[at]gmail[dot]com. (Same goes for if something stops working or links are broken. We did check everything, but just to be on the safe side…)

I am not sure if there’s been any rumors in the mill about our sudden decision, but I want to clear up one thing.

No one ragequit. No one had a fight. The whole team are still friends. Things just happened, and Natsuno and Aki made their decision in unison.

And there’s one more thing we want to say… We’ll let Masamune say it:

A huge ‘Thank You’ from Natsuno, Aki_the_geek, Haruka, Nana_MB and pot_pourri.


Ps. Please keep an eye on Motorhorse for new chapters of Gakuen BASARA 2.

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